I wish to tell the whole world what is true, although sometimes, it all borders on what kind of truth they are interested in. It seems so amusing that we fail to try something out. Yes, we are most times or in most cases repelled by what we see, feel, hear and fear. Circumstances changes our orientations or what see or term as, feasibility but we’ve all forgotten that once upon a time, it was impossible for men to fly, but it isn’t now.

I live in a place where limitations are celebrated though i have chosen it not to be my location. We worry too much an work far too much, not on goals or stated objectives, but we strive so hard to follow the wind, the trend, an we often ignore what is lacking an look on too much at others’ abilities, measuring their strengths with our biggest weakness, who has become our judge?

It is WE and WE alone, WE, WE, WE , always and perpetually US, WE is evil, WE limited, WE is despised,and WE is an hindrance, THUS, WE is every excuse that i put up to be a mediocre, unproductive,PSYCHOLOGICALLY BRAINWASHED, self pity for not attaining heights and COMPLACENCY OF NOT BEING WHO YOU have ever aspired to be. IT IS SUCH A CRYING SHAME THAT WE FORGOT TO BREAK OUR SHACKLES,and to ABANDON OUR fears, LOOK UP BEYOND THE HORIZON BECAUSE OUR LIMITS ARE WHAT WE PLACE ON OUR SELVES, But why not you, you can pull it all over, you can achieve it, it only takes more time an more practice, you can be different, you can work things out, an put things right, you can shine as light if only you let it shine through you,YOU have a goal, make the target, pull your stakes an make things happen, take your chances an make the calculations an don’t stop there… Take the risks an enjoy the ride.

So, say no more, no more discouragements and unnecessary reasoning on why things are not your way, a letter to my fellow comrades,country men an women, it isn’t too late to dream, reach our to someone today and take one step of you dream at a time, because,… IMPOSSIBILITY IS A BIG LIE!!!

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