Cocoa in the Dark

I Watch

I Wait

But i’m still myself , though a new version of me,

I’m a little excited about the warmth i get from a chilly stroll outside.

Everyone has been complaining that things are not as yet they should be

and may rather not be,so, “get used to it they say”

It was dark inside the room as i shut my door. i would lock it twice as if to suspect a bandit were to barge in.

I settled down though uncertain within me,

What would become of dinner but i chose not to eat.

“i could make a snack” a thought came on or

“i would settle for a cup of hot chocolate, so i lit the stove.

It was dark and cold so i could hardly see,

then i had to depend on my hearing as i monitored the fire

Like a cat would ,i tested my rods and made the cocoa,

carefully pouring and mixing in the dark the set on a tray.

As soon as i sat to work i proudly took a sip, not knowing the quantity made

would be “impossible to drink”.

  At first, it was sweet, but rather too sweet, then

how could i ever be able to make this to taste.

i trusted my intuitions and they were never overly wrong

it was the end-point that amazed me,

the taste and originality of the cocoa i drank,

I could as well dilute it if i please, or enjoy myself

if indulgence would be mean, then i will

all these was done in the dark and yet,

i was better than if there was light

i learnt a quick lesson tonight,that

one’s abilities not only needed to trusted, tried, used

especially in unfavourable conditions and put to use

in seemingly dark and hopeless situations

the quality of the outcome would be  amazingly good to be true



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