Something for a start…

Moon Cyclin_2                                                                         




I slept in the shadows I think of,

I didn’t know how to cry.

I slept in the cradle I dream of.

But never and less it seemed I could not try.

What should I try to do or try to gain?

Is it for a best manner to put down my name?

In a cloud of sand undefiled,

In a poor field yet uncertain,

In the pure fields, of the sands of time.

But rich full of bliss as a flowing fountain

As unfulfilled desires which could not be taken out,

Of many intentions of man

And a mind that does not know where to begin,

Or where to end this daydream and began to think.

Cares nothing but trouble, as he sees all opportunity as bleak…



…To be continued


Santa Yocheved



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