What Stories our lives tell.


It was crippling at night hearing the voices
It sounds so deep within me that I could hardly imagine.
Its so strong yet not the same , to make me to stray or to run away.
I walked closely and gently like I was on my way to a final destination.
Though careful with every step I strove to leave an impression.
The people that met me would blessed.
But like I doubted the strength of their love
and the commitment to their life’s strong desire.
But what do I mean when I see them sing.
Screaming with the songs horror and defeat.
I laughed within me because I felt they were warned,
but mind me, wee were also on the same journey
I recall that we all desire the same destination and yet
It grieves me, I never thought it was that hard to reach.
Because before long, i had began to see my life in their own shadows
A nightmare i never believed would be my own.
Then i stood up to the tide and shut the pain away.
And stilled the song of doubt in my heart.
It pained me for a time and for so long a time
So long a letter my life would be, when these frontiers have been conquered
I began to perceive the beginning from the conceived end.
And dropped my cart for the next labourer to use.
The end point is the plan but the problem with our lives is
We focus on the minor issues of life, and entrust our visions, passions and strengths
On the things that easily fade away.


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