Just for thoughts..


Whenever i’m asleep, my senses are awake
so it gives me great courage of how strong
are my stakes.
My stakes to keep me alive are
my stakes to keep me safe,
that the poverty of my words
would not make my works in vain.
I sleep but in my dreams i’m alert of the safe.
I sleep when i realise,
nothing can make me stray.
That is why i stay away in my meditation
so all the clay on my wheel would say,
” i reflect his meditation both night and day”.
The Chinese potter in my stool would say
“I’ll patch you in gold whenever you break”
but why do i have to throw my own away?
I get tired as if i want to give up my trade.
So,there is no significance in what i do, for
i waste my heart,passion and desires,
on something that would not do.
But, as i take the pot to the backyard
to throw it away,from the roof,…

To be continued

                Christerline L O A


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